A Message From BrightView Landscaping

Dear Residents of Blue Heron Pines,

Fall is here and I’d like to go over our recent services and layout the upcoming schedule.  As you may have noticed, we performed turf renovations that included, spraying of seasonal weeds, aeration and overseeing, compost topdressing (which looks like mulch, but can assure you it is not.  The organic compost we use is locally produced and extremely rich in organic material to help improve turf quality) and fertilization applications. It’s an important time of the year to build the turf to high quality before winter, which will give us a head start in the spring.  We will continue to spot spray weeds and add additional seed as long as weather cooperates. Listed below are a couple of other services that will be occurring in the run up to Thanksgiving:

Turf Applications – A fall fertilization and broadleaf weed treatment will be performed the last week of October.  In mid-November a lime application will be performed as well.  Notifications will be sent to management and signs will be posted 48 hours prior to applications.

Leaf Clean up – As leaves begin to fall we will begin to add the mulching of leaves to our weekly mowing.  We also will do 2 major clean ups in November with the aim to have homes clean for Thanksgiving.  A smaller spot clean-up will be performed post-Thanksgiving with the FINAL DEBRIS PICK UP ON THURSDAY DECEMBER 1st. If you signed up in the spring for clean-up services, we will be performing those at the end of November/Early December once majority of leaves have fallen.

Mowing and Edging – Will continue weekly (weather pending) with Cypress Pt., Pine Valley, Augusta Ct., St. Andrews and Jupiter Hills on Wednesdays and Country Club on Thursdays.

Irrigation – The system will be winterized and shut down by the end of October.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact management and we will schedule a visit to address the situation.  We always appreciate feedback.

Thank you!

Brian Andriliunas

Account Manager

BrightView Landscape Services