May Newsletter

Letter From The President

Happy Spring!

As my first President's letter to the BHP Homeowners, I have several items I would just like to touch on.

The first item is the Board's handling of homeowner issues.  Your Board of Directors is busy behind the scenes using all means at their disposal or I should say all means that are fiscally sound and are outlined in our rules and regulations to address any issues that arise.  The resolution of issues can take time and you can speed that process along by calling the Police anytime that you see any suspicious activity.  These calls are confidential and address the issues immediately.  There is little to be gained by reporting these issues to the management company after the fact. The HOA's position is strengthened once the police are involved. The HOA cannot resolve problems without your assistance.

Next is DiLucia Management's role in managing our HOA's business.  We have contracted for PART-TIME management service which means that Cynthia Williams has other properties to manage in addition to BHP. Ms. Williams is very knowledgeable and does her best to serve our community. The management company works for the Board of Directors and we, the Board, are in contact daily with DiLucia Management and each other while directing those activities. I know it is difficult to be patient when you have an issue but few issues can be addressed immediately. The Board must approve any expenditures for services and those services must be contracted for at an acceptable rate. Please correspond with Ms. Williams by email whenever possible as she is always inundated with calls from her properties.  I am always available if you feel that you need additional assistance in resolving any issue.

Lastly, the Board wishes to show their appreciation to the Political Liaison Committee whose members, John DeMarco, Bob Muller, Ron Huber, Bill Deutsch, and Don Dreby have worked tirelessly to reduce our property taxes.  The committee has had representation at every district school board meeting, town council meeting, met with county and state elected officials in an effort to notify all levels of government that the extraordinary property taxes are not sustainable. Please note that this committee has been told by Dennis Levinson, County Commissioner, that they are the ONLY ones fighting to reduce the taxes. There are no other tax payers that are making themselves heard on a regular basis.  This committee is going to need assistance in the future and they are going to need to have a large showing of taxpayers at some significant meetings. Please respond when they request your presence at those meetings.

Have a nice spring and enjoy the flowers.

Donna Hale-Scheuermann

Board President

Galloway Township 9th Annual Shredding Event • Saturday, May 14th 9:00am to 1:00pm • Galloway Municipal Complex * for more information

BHP Community Garage Sale

Saturday, June 25th from 8:00am to Noon (rain date is Sunday June 26th)

We do the advertising, so you can just set up shop, However, you need to get your own individual yard sale permit from the Township. Please adhere to the time restrictions and close your sale at noon, and remember: individual garage sales at any other time of the year are not allowed.

Brickman Yard Debris Service

Yard debris pickup services are again being offered by Brickman this season. Please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • One (1) paper bag per home each week
  • No tree stumps or large branches
  • No trash, planting pots or animal waste
  • Have the bag at the curb Thursday mornings.

Services will commence April 28th. Thank you for your cooperation.

The pool will be open weekends starting May 28th and 29th and Memorial Day, May 30th!

Starting June 20th, the pool will be open seven days a week. Pool hours are from 11:00am to 8:00pm.

Please note that children under 18 are not permitted to be at the Clubhouse or pool without supervision. All residents must have their key card with them at the pool. Lifeguards are not permitted to unlock the doors.

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