August Newsletter

Letter from the President

Hello Homeowners,

We are well into summer now. Everything looks good including the pool. I appreciate all the reports on the pool which allowed the Board to address the issues armed with the knowledge provided by you and DiLucia Management.

On to the flooding issues; I want you to know that this Board and previous Boards have campaigned to address the drainage issues in the neighborhood. The new General Manager, Steve Marini of BHP GC has been in contact with the township to coordinate the actions necessary to address this issue.

Please call the township and Norma at DiLucia Management to report any drainage issues. The sewers are the responsibility of Galloway Township and they need to hear directly from homeowners as well as the Board.

I sent the picture provided by Bob Mueller of St. Andrews under water to both the golf course and the the township in an email asking for dates when this problem will be addressed. The board received return emails from Kevin McDowell of Galloway Twp. and from Steve Marini of BHP GC. Thank you for calling the township as Kevin mentioned that a homeowner called to report the flooding. It looks like both parties are interested in resolving this issue and we well watch closely to assure that the appropriate steps are taken to resolve this problem.

Thanks for taking such good care of your homes and being such good neighbors.


Next Board Meeting is August 17th, 2016

Volunteers Needed!

Help keep your community beautiful! Roadside cleanup volunteers are needed. If interested, please contact Alan Schmidt at 609-965-3478

July & August are "Polish Your Mailbox Month!"

Brickman Group Landscaping Updates

Yard waste pickups:

  • One brown biodegradable bag can be put out on Thursdays after the scheduled mowing.
  • Please don't put yard waste in plastic bags.
  • Please, no trash, planting pots or dog waste.
  • Please note that just because you see a Brickman crew on property, doesn't mean they are picking up yard waste that day. They have to have the right equipment to collect the yard waste.
  • Mowing days can vary because of weather, the hope is to be consistent with yard waste pickups on Thursdays.