Please contact DiLucia Management Corporation for any Association issues such as lawn and sprinkler problems, clubhouse equipment problems, etc. at 609-804-3322 or email your Community Manager, Norma Meyer, at

Association fees are due on the first of each month.  These fees cover many services including lawn care, snow removal, trash pickup, entranceway landscaping, and clubhouse and pool maintenance.  Delinquent payments will be handled in accordance with existing policy which may include loss of homeowner privileges and collection action.  You will be responsible for all costs of collection.

The front lawn area of your home is maintained by the Association.  Mowing, edging, treatments etc. are covered in your Association fee.  Your garden areas are your responsibility to keep weed-free and attractive.  Your front lawn area is also covered by an irrigation system that is controlled by the Association.  This system is not designed to water your gardens, only the turf areas.

The Association clears snow from the sidewalks and the Clubhouse area.  The Township clears snow from the streets.  Driveway snow removal is the homeowner’s responsibility.  

BHP-HOA Clubhouse Hours are 5:00 AM to 1:00 AM.  You must be in the building by midnight and a warning alarm sounds at 12:30 AM, at which time you should prepare to leave.  All residents are urged to treat the clubhouse as their own home – keep it clean and orderly.  If you open any windows, don’t forget to close and lock upon leaving.  Never set the heat or A/C on “hold” as this wastes energy for which we all must pay via our homeowner’s fee.  Finally, always wipe down the exercise equipment when you are finished.

 Recycling and Trash Pickup: 

  • Trash is collected on Tuesdays and Recycling is collected every other Tuesday.  Please contact Waste Management at 800-633-9096 if you need a recycling container. Reference account number 406-44600.  This service is for household trash and recycling only, bulk waste disposal is the responsibility of the resident.
  • Containers may not be put out until sundown the evening before pick-up. 
  • Containers should be placed on the lawn or the end of the driveway – not on the road. 
  • Containers must be brought in the same day of collection…refer to Article 41 in the Architectural Design Guidelines.  Ask a neighbor for help if you will be away and cannot meet these requirements.  Containers must be stored out of view of the street, either in the garage or behind the home.
  •  If Waste Management misses your home or street, please contact them first and follow-up with a phone call to Management.

Help keep the neighborhood beautiful please pick up any trash you see.

There is no overnight parking on the streets between 1am and 5am.  Notify the Management office if an emergency or special occasion warrants the need for overnight parking.

You have the right to rent your home at BHP provided that your lease is subject to all of the governing documents.  A copy of the lease and lease rider must be registered with the Association. 

Please Always Pick Up After Your Pets!  Animal waste contains a high concentration of bacteria and disease causing microorganisms that can cause health concerns.  Galloway Township requires homeowners to immediately and properly dispose of their pet’s solid waste from any public or private property other than their own.  This means all dog walkers must be prepared to dispose of their dog’s waste (have plastic bag ready) since the walking paths are on public and private property.  Please call Galloway Township at 609-642-3700, Ext. 255 for information about this ordinance. 

Galloway Township Go Green information for recycling and bulk waste pickup. Click here to view and download the documents.

The Golf Course is private property.  It is for golfers’ use only, not for walking, bicycle riding, or for placing “For Sale” signs.

If you witness unruly behavior by golfers, notify the golf course management at 609-965-1800, Ext. 1125.

The Association is not responsible for any damage to your home or property caused by the Golf Course or golfers.