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Neighborhood Watch - Galloway Area Crime Alert

Home Owners, please be aware and advise your visitors and family, to keep your car doors locked as well as your home and do not keep valuables in plain view in your car. REPORT ALL SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY TO THE POLICE ASAP – provide as much of a description as possible for the police.

Galloway Police Dept. Phone # 609-652-3705

Please see correspondence below from the Galloway Township Police Department:

I just wanted to let you know that multiple burglaries to unlocked cars were discovered recently in the Four Seasons neighborhoods. In some cases, the suspects were using the garage door openers in the vehicles to gain access to the garages. Please remind everyone to keep their vehicles (and homes) locked and not to leave any valuables in plain view.

We are also seeing a spike in commercial business burglaries. We have video of several suspects and are working a few different leads at the moment. Again, please remind the residents that the police department should be notified of any suspicious activity/vehicles in the area. Thank you!
— Officer Carolyn Bucklye
Just to keep everyone posted we as the Police Department have done multiple press releases and media releases including prime time television news coverage last week. We release to the Atlantic City Press and free publications such as the Current and the Galloway Patriot. I mention this so that you are all aware that we push the message out to all residents immediately. In addition, Ofc. Buckley contacted the association to make sure that everyone was aware. I don’t want anyone to get caught up in this happening this past week. We have car burglaries all year round. The important thing to note is that 99% of these burglaries are preventable by locking your car doors. This is not to say we don’t want you to report suspicious persons because we do, however the victimization can be avoided for these types of crimes by simply locking your vehicles and taking valuables inside your home. As I have discussed with many of the Four Seasons residents at the senior center and at the meetings I attend, please keep your exterior lighting on at night as this is a very cheap deterrent to crime. Lock all doors and set alarms if you have them. Keep an eye out for one another and if you see suspicious activity report it immediately; do not wait and report it the next day. We are actively seeking these criminals and have stepped up unmarked patrols in the area at night.
— Chief Donna Higbee #59

Other News:

A comprehensive security audit was conducted by the Galloway Township Police Department of all our model homes in the summer of 2004. Security suggestions were published in the July 2005 newsletter (Vol 3, Issue 3). Anyone wishing to obtain a copy can retrieve them from the web site in the Newsletter past issues section. 

We request that you be a watchful eye for your neighbors and report any activity that looks suspicious to the police first, then your Block Captain, or anyone on the Neighborhood Watch team.  

Anyone interested in joining the Neighborhood Watch Team please contact John DeMarco at 804-8264.

Contact one of the coordinators or block captains for the next meeting date.

To contact Galloway Police: 652-3705 and press #1 or emergency - 911

C.O.S.A.P. Unit Voice Mail (Community Policing Unit)  Routine Questions Ext #306

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Other Security News:

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